The Briefs are planned as a cumulative series of informal papers investigating the current state of heritage in Victoria.  Subjects range from summaries of Victoria’s environmental and geological history to an analysis of the meaning of heritage today as we face reconciliation with First Nations and other local minorities who have been left out, or side-lined, in Victoria’s story of itself.

Some 40 titles are in preparation.


John Adams M.A.Historian, Author, Victoria Chinatown Museum group. Board Secretary, Chinatown Museum Society

Steve Barber, Senior Heritage Planner, City of Victoria (Retd.)

Kelly Black Ph.D., Executive Director, Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens

James Boutillier Ph.D., Naval Historian, Professor R.R.M.C.

Tom Bown B.Sc., RPBio (Retd)

David Chard, Principal Chard Development Ltd.

Christina Cameron Ph.D., Director General, Parks Canada National Historic Sites (Retd), Chair, UNESCO World Heritage Sites Committee.

Paul Crober Col (Retd) OMM, CD Military Historian

Darren Delichte, Partner, Executive Creative Director, DDC0

Charles Temosen Elliott D.F.A. (Hon.), O.B.C, R.C.A.A. Coast Salish Artist

Marie Elliott M.A., Historian

Douglas Franklin, M.A., Historian, Novelist

Nico Cordonier Gehring, High School Student

D’Arcy Green M.A., Senior Archaeologist. Golder and Associates

Christopher Gower M.A.I.B.C., L.E.E.D., M.C.I.P., R.P.P., Urban Design Planner,

Michael Halleran B.A., Historian, Archivist (Retd)

Michael Heppell BGen (Retd) CStJ, CD, Military Historian

James Hoffman Ph.D., Theatre History Professor, TRU (Retd)

Meghan Kate Humble M.A., Superintendent, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Parks Canada

Lucas Hung, Student, University of Victoria

Jennifer Iredale M.Sc., Historian, Curator, Heritage Professional

Ken Johnson Dip. C.R.M., Concrete Technologist, President, Victoria Hallmark Society

Harold Kalman Ph.D. O.C., Architectural Historian, Heritage Consultant, Adj. Prof. University of Victoria

Grant Keddie B.A., Archaeology Curator, Royal British Columbia Museum (Retd)

Alistair Kerr, M.A., Historian, Heritage Conservationist, Adj. Prof. University of Hong Kong.

Philip Lambert Ph.D., Biologist, Curator (Emerit.), Royal British Columbia Museum, President Victoria Natural History Society.

Donald Lovell Capt (Retd) CD. B. Arch. Architect (Retd) Military Historian

Colin MacLock B.F.A., Heritage Preservationist, Model Builder

Dave Mason B.A., Historian, Old Town Tour Guide

Regan McLeod, Asst. Production Coordinator, Front Street Pictures

Ted Mills B.A., Historian, Parks Canada (Retd)

Nichola Reddington B.A. M.A., Senior Cultural Planner, City of Victoria

Bob Peart M.Ed., Biologist, Educator, Nature Canada, board chair.

Denton Pendergast, Graphic Designer, Historian. Curator of the Victoria Harbour History, An Urban Memory Project, website

Fern Perkins M.Ed., Educator, Metis Education Enhancement Program, Metis Nation.

Hans Roemer, Naturalist, Elder: Friends of Ecological Reserves

Paul Sachter J.D., BC Black Awareness Society

Cara Segger M.A., Urban Geographer, Project Manager

Martin Segger, M.Phil. F.R.S.A., University of Victoria Emerit. Architectural Historian (Group co-ordinator, pro tem)

Adolf  Sesca, Biologist, Volunteer, Victoria Natural History Society

Oluna Sesca, Biologist, Volunteer, Victoria Natural History Society

Bjorn Simonsen M.A., B.C. Provincial Archaeologist and Director, BC Heritage Conservation Branch (Retd)

Jaques Sirois, Biologist, Warden Trial Island Ecological Reserve, Greater Victoria Naturehood, Nature Canada

Prof. Nancy Turner O.B.C., F.R.S.C., University of Victoria, Emeritus. ethno-botanist.

Robert Turner M.A., History Curator Royal British Columbia Museum (Retd), author

Catherine Umland, Executive Director, Victoria Civic Heritage Trust

Grace Wong Sneddon Ph.D., Cultural Historian, University of Victoria. Victoria Chinatown Museum Board.

May Q. Wong B.A., Historian, Author

Hamed Yeganeh B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Candidate, University of Victoria

William Zuk Ph.D., Professor, University of Victoria (Retd), Artist.

The ocean, with mountains and clouds in the background, is pictured on the cover page of Brief #45. Title: 'The Natural Environment of the Victoria Region Supports Consideration for United Nations Biosphere Reserve Status.'